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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Chan, Crystal. Bird / Crystal Chan. 2014 Monograph unavailable

Wisconsin Collection: PZ7 .C359116 Bir 2014
Fraleigh, Kelsey. Ersatz / Kelsey Fraleigh. 2014 Monograph available

Main Collection: PN6727 .F73 E77 2014
Galda, Lee. Literature and the child / Lee Galda, University of Minnesota ; Lawrence R. Sipe, University of Pennsyvania ; Lauren A. Liang, University of Utah ; Bernice E. Cullinan, New York University. 2014 Monograph available

Main Collection: Z1037 .C946 2014
Zoellner, Tom. Train : riding the rails that created the modern world : from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief / Tom Zoellner. 2014 Monograph available

Main Collection: HE1021 .Z64 2014
Baumgardner, Cynthia. It was rape [videorecording] / a film by Jennifer Baumgardner ; executive producers, Cynthia Baumgardner, Merle Hoffman ; Soapbox, Inc. 2013 Video Recording available

Media: HV6561 .I8 2013 [DVD]
Dupont, Henry, The emotional life interview : a psychosocial diagnostic and therapeutic procedure / by Henry Dupont, Ph.D. 2013 Monograph available

Main Collection: RC480.7 .D87 2013
Schwieter, John W., 1979- editor of compilation. Studies and global perspectives of second language teaching and learning / edited by John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University. 2013 Monograph available

Main Collection: P118.2 .S86 2013
Semivan, Lauren. Lauren Semivan : March 23-April 27, 2013 / Lauren Semivan. 2013 Monograph available

Main Collection: TR647.S46 A4 2013
Walker, Bert N. Rebuscado : the fascinating history of lesser known towns and cities in Spain / Bert Walker. 2013 Monograph available

Main Collection: DP17 .W35 2013
White, William E. The idea of America : how values shaped our republic and hold the key to our future / by William E. White, Richard Dale Van Scotter, and Michael Hartoonian. 2013 Monograph available

Main Collection: E175.9 .W47 2013

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