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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Leigh-Post, Karen. Karen Leigh-Post, Catherine Kautsky & Frank Babbitt [sound recording]. 2010 Music recording available

Media: M1619 .L45 2010 [CD]
Zeltsman, Nancy, 1958- Intermediate masterworks for marimba. Volume 1 / editied by Nancy Zelsman. 2009 Printed music available

Score Collection: M175 .X6 I58 2009 [q.]
Lawrence University. Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, Alumni Reunion Concert, June 20, 2008 [sound recording]. 2008 Music recording available

Media: M1000 .L39 Jun.20 2008 [CD]
Lerdahl, Fred, [Instrumental music.] Music of Fred Lerdahl [sound recording]. 2006 Music recording available

Media: M3.1 .L47 I5 2006 [CD]
Roberts, Jonathon M. T. Response : [for] soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone and baritone (voice) / Jonathon M. T. Roberts. 2003 Printed music available

Score Collection: M1613.3 .R63 R47 [q.]
Roberts, Jonathon M. T. What are those, mugs? : [for] flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, marimba / Jonathon M. T. Roberts. 2002 Printed music available

Score Collection: M585 .R63 W43 [q.]
Lerdahl, Fred, [Chamber music.] Time after time [sound recording] : (2000) ; Imbrications : (2001) / Fred Lerdahl. 2001 Music recording available

Media: M647 .L47 C4 [CD]
Lerdahl, Fred, Quiet music : for orchestra ; arrangement for two pianos / Fred Lerdahl. 2001 Printed music available

Score Collection: M215.L47 Q54 [q.]
Lerdahl, Fred, Imbrications : for chamber ensemble / Fred Lerdahl. 2001 Printed music available

Score Collection: M647.L47 I53 [q.]
Roberts, Jonathon M. T. Mr. Rogers’ medley : [for] vocal jazz ensemble / Fred Rogers ; arranged by Jonathon M. T. Roberts. 2001 Printed music available

Score Collection: M1366 .R63 M7 [q.]
Blahnik, Joel. Inventions for winds & percussion [sound recording] / music by Joel Blahnik. 2000 Music recording available

Media: M1200.B53 I5 [CD]
Blahnik, Joel. Sl├íva. Contemporary Czech symphonic band music [sound recording]. 2000 Music recording available

Media: M1200 .C65 2000 [CD]
Lerdahl, Fred, Time after time : for chamber ensemble / Fred Lerdahl. 2000 Printed music available

Score Collection: M647.L47 T56 [q.]
Oberacker, Betty. Rapchak, Blahnik, Brown, Diemer [sound recording] 1998 Music recording available

Media: M5.R37 M6 1998 [CD]
Childs, Mary Ellen. [Selections] Kilter [sound recording] / Mary Ellen Childs. 1995 Music recording available

Media: M3.1 .C453 K55 1995 [CD]
Lerdahl, Fred, Sonata : for two pianos / Fred Lerdahl. 1963 Printed music available

Score Collection: M214.L47 S66 1963 [q.]

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